I hope you are very right. She says she's willing to indulge me a bit but not kinky. But she does have me massage her feet every night, and run her a bath and wash her hair, and cook her breakfast and dinner and do the dishes, and wash and iron our clothes. And over the weekend she had me nuzzle into her fanny with my tongue. After 30 minutes of pleasing her, she allowed me to do her doggie, but then flipped over and told me to make her come (and clean up after myself). Hard, but so thrilling.

Wake up. You´re doing fine and if this is your life now, you should be considering yourself lucky. Plus I think she´ll progress bit by bit. Hoever, not by indulging you, but because she starts to enjoy herself more and more. That should be your goal. And if ´kinky´ is not what she is looking for, you should not be looking to satisfy your kinks either. (Besides whatever she does want to get into, I don’t think it should be considered ‘kink’. I actually dislike that term with a passion.) So: start thinking more (better yet: totally) about what pleases Her - not you - and be happy!


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